Sword of Ruin

The Eye of the Storm

After a fierce battle with ham and tolberry, where Rosemary was incapacitated due to her allergies to the delicious jam, our adventurers collect themselves and leave the tavern in search of the Eye of the Storm with hopes of finding the Sword of Ruin. It is a relatively straight path so armed with Mantel’s knowledge and discoveries; they quickly arrive at the Agnes Warehouse. The adventurers are suddenly filled with a feeling of utter nothingness; as if the area was completely void of life; the grass, while appearing normal, turns to ash at the slightest breath, and even the wind is silent.

Upon entering the warehouse, they find themselves confronted with what looks to be a snapshot in time, two dwarves and one catfolk frozen in places and covered in what looks to be a layer of black ash. Out of curiosity, Lysander approaches the frozen catfolk behind the counter and touches it with a dagger only to have the ash fall away to reveal a Burning Golden Skeleton who then wakes up the other two dwarven skeletons! After a swift battle in which Dorian was briefly knocked unconscious, everyone quickly realizes that any and all metal in the warehouse has been turned into gold; the grate on the floor, nails, dining wares, etc. The most logical option following this revelation was of course to scoop everything, including the fragments of gold bones, into the bag of holding and then to continue upstairs.

On the second floor, once again a frozen image in time of what looked to be preparations for dinner, with more dormant gold skeletons. Thankfully this time the skeletons are dispatched while they are in their dormant state, but upon searching the rest of the 2nd floor the travelers come across a shadow on the ceiling of the master bedroom that is being cast by nothing in particular in that room. Finding nothing else, the party travels upstairs to find the cause of this shadow.

Once on the roof, the party is greeted with an unnatural scene; a demon frozen in time with a single iron loop floating in front of it. What makes this scene even weirder is that there is a shadow of a sword being cast underneath the loop but with no sword to be seen. Beatrice, pulling from her vast knowledge of the planes, recognizes the demon as a wrecker demon, a chaotic creature that lives to destroy but oddly enough can not stand the site of it’s own reflection! Armed with this knowledge the party moves into place to attack, Dorian touches the loop, breaking the charm cast on this warehouse and freeing the demon, but at the last minute has a sudden thought to placate the demon and communicate. Once free the demon offers to share all it knows about the Sword of Ruin but for a trade; in it’s attempt to stay in the mortal realm it offers itself as a slave to one for a year and one day and only then will it share all it knows.

At the thought of having a demon for the slave, Beatrice prepares to accept only to have Lysander and Dorian adamantly object and attack the demon rejecting it’s offer! After a valiant fight from the travelers, the demon dissolves into nothingness leaving behind it’s bracers and a tattered cape which brings us to now……



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