Sword of Ruin

The Mandrake's Letter

You did it!
Followed my trail without error and have found your way here, to this tiny room in the middle of nowhere. I don’t know who you are, but I honestly feel a warm glow of appreciation for you at this moment. Did you encounter many dangers tracking me down? I hope no one died!
I don’t know what Talbot told you, what sob story she crammed in your ears. I’m guessing some fa la la about the robbery and this minor, unimportant family heirloom of no particular value. Ha ha ha…don’t you hate it when people write out their laughter?
So here’s the compact — I’m guessing you were promised a tidy sum of gold to find me and bring back the amulet, well here’s my counter-offer. Take this gold and treasure and we part ways here, no worse for wear, and the finest of friends.
But if you cross me, if you decide to follow me — well, then you are a most unpleasant sort. Friendship rescinded. If you refuse my most gentlemanlike offer, then I am afraid if we ever meet I will treat you all like villains.
But I hope not! Enjoy Talbot’s gold and throw down a pint or two for me.
With much love and utmost respect,



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