Time and tide stay for no man,
and neither does the Sword of Ruin.
— a Vellum proverb

Callimaco was once a vast metropolis, a thousand-thousand souls filled its walls. The redstone streets hummed with activity and energy, the frenetic bustle of footfalls and handclasps, the unheeding business of the Lower Races.

Now, the streets are all but empty. The walls tumble on themselves, and the few souls that remain spare not a glance or an iota of concern for the decay. Truly, Callimaco would be a city of empty corners if not for the Adamant Mine that hangs suspended a half mile above the cracked and broken streets.

The mine hangs suspended by the Doom of Callimaco, a vast forest of mighty trees that pierce every part of the city like a porcupine’s pelt through a piece of cheesecloth. The spire-pines tore through the body of the city and many crumbling buildings still hang in their ever-ascending branches.

Most of the town’s population is made up of miners and their families, as well as various service and support professions. The Population is 60% Dwarven, 35% Human, 5% Other.

There is no official government remaining, the headman of Ephraim Mining is considered the de facto mayor.

Locations of Note
The Pancake – tavern, located directly beneath the Adamant Mine. Main watering hole for the local miners. A perverse delight is taken in being the site of immediate destruction if the mine ever falls. Brian Cactus, proprietor.

Adamant Mine

Ephraim Mining Warehouse – raw adamant is collected and prepared for shipping. Pegwin Bottle, foreman.

Boarding House – serves as only lodging to any travelers passing through Callimaco. Talley Gorightly, proprietor.

Market Square – primarily food and other agrarian products, local farmers selling their wares to the miners and their families.

Temple of Jocasta – housed in the shattered edifice that was once the ruling family’s manor, this serves as the main religious site for the area. The acolytes of the temple spend their time constantly repairing the damage to the stones and foundation of their site, despite the endless slow wear of the spire-pines. Cleric Davan Marko is the one man in town that the entire population views with equal parts fear and respect.


Lost Colony of Undercalimaco – crushed by the roots of spire pines during the doom.


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