The City of Rain

Few have ventured beyond the Blank Gate to unravel the strange and tortured history of Rainscour, but the few scholars, madmen, and sages to return all speak of sights both terrible and wondrous.

Rainscour is one city, but it is also Two. It seems to overlap another version of itself from another dimension. This in itself would not be odd if you believed the theories of the more academically perverse – our world overlaps many worlds. But in this place, the two worlds are out of joint. Held out of harmony just enough where it can be perceived by the naked eye and felt on the skin. Travelers leaving the city have spoken of encountering strangers from other worlds, beasts that defy physical laws, time that moves of its own accord.

The constant cloud cover and precipitation that surrounds the city is said to be produced by the constant arcane energy generated by this dimensional friction.

Strangest of all, this dimensional nexus seems to be governed more by emotion and will than physics or reason. Credible reports have been found of adventurers battling their own shadows, a couple’s Love took physical form and proceeded to challenge their companions to games of chance, a wizard discovered a door with only one side that lead to a grassy field made of green glass. Stories beyond this are common but are so devoid of rational sense, they do not bear repeating.

Of one thing all stories agree. To pass beyond the Blank gate, a gemina is required — an object that exists simultaneously in both worlds. However, to escape the City of Rain this type of object will not suffice.

Special Rules – Rainscour
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