Sword of Ruin

Idolobha, the Desert City

The Setting in Which We Now Find Our Friends.


Idolobha. Desert City. Dwarven Commerce haven and home to many.

The city had many holes torn throughout it. One of which our fearless heroes tumbled through. The poster of “The Green Dog,” hung on a brick wall, just in front of their noses. Why would someone hang a poster in an alleyway?

Speaking of noses, the huge crew followed theirs to a bakery. Not only did they find a tasty snack; warm, sweet, and crumbly bread, but also information about the local area and what the locals noticed about the adventurers’ new quarry.

The group discussed how they would go about getting the dangerous relic, the Sword of Ruin. Each idea was contemplated while certain members of the crew stressed the need for quick measures as all the portals were shutting.

The cat witch offered the suggestion for all the characters to draw their version of the sword, as they saw it. All versions, like sands in the desert were different. Her point was, that the sword was too hard to measure by one mind, but also too hard get a consensus on by many.

The Zeds from other breds took their moment to offer a three-way deal to Lavlock, the barer of the Crimson Key. Each Zed proposed to go off on their own and return with a prize to aid the Hounders in their mission; to find the Sword of Ruin. Whoever gives the best prize, gets the key. They also bound her to the Key so she couldn’t give it away. The Zed’s went off on their mission.

The crew moved on to the inn, “The Canary’s Promise,” and rested. The next day they visited the temple of Seto and met with the head priest, Solar. They pushed the request to make a True Calling of the Balance. Solar refused, on the grounds that the adventurers were not ready for such powers. He suggested to go to The Green Dog to find the cleric and talespinner, Marxo.

They found the disheveled and drunken dwarf in the bar and through the fog of ale, stale, and fell breath, they heard a story of the Sword of Ruin. More information could be found in once of his books in his home. Following him to his abode, the adventurers find it ransacked. The book in question was gone. The only suggestion was to look for the book in the library, titled: “The Empire, Dimes,” by Tyroll Lymermere, the first bard of the order of Pontigrades.

The clever, quick, and quiet ratling tailed the talespinner back to the temple of Seto, where Marxo forced his way in and demanded an audience with the Solar.

The flummoxed fraternity returned to the Canary’s Promse to compare notes.



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