Lady Hatch Thingfinder of Underpahn, Adventure Class, Knight of Horngast

Ratling Archaeologist

  • Stands 1’ 4’’ high, total of 2’4" nose to tail
  • White fur with silver “hood” and silver patch on back, black eyes, mostly ratlike features, spotted tail, light yellow incisors
  • 9lbs

I wear a spiked cap that was once the kneecap to a set of armor from some long-since-burried warrior. I have stuck a tall plume to the back with tree sap to show that I have fine taste. I wear a chain shirt that appears to have been cut out of a possibly much larger chain shirt, patched together in places with can tabs and bits of spare wire. I wear a tarnished brass chain around by neck with an old set of rusty keys hanging from it, of which I am clearly very proud. I carry several packs on my back and pouches on my belts for collecting treasures, in addition to my short sword and bow.


I am a ratling of the Underpahn Colony, a honeycomb of tunnels and structures connecting the catacombs, sewers, and underground mechanisms underneath the city of Pahn.

Personal History

I was the 9th daughter (11th child of 13) of Soup Foodsniffer, Head of Fooding Class, a very important and well respected ratling in the Colony of Underpahn. My older sisters, Crumb, Stewie, Spoon, Cork, and Pan all followed in my mother’s footsteps as Foodsniffers, working in the kitchens of our colony, and making our mother proud (especially Stewie, who may someday take my mothers place as Head Foodsniffer). My other three sisters, Bark, Ivy, and Beetle, as well as my brothers, Splash and Potsy, all became respectable Beanseekers, and even my younger two brothers were named much earlier than me (Twig Stuffchewer, and Lick Furtugger, who was known for his very long tongue). I showed no talent for cooking, couldn’t be bothered cleaning or building things, and was not even all that reliable in bringing back food supplies, particularly because I was constantly getting lost. My mother worried I would be named Safetaster, a great disappointment for such a prestigious family.

One day on the way home from the city market in care of my older sister and brother, Ivy and Splash, I went too far ahead, took a wrong turn, and got lost in the lower parts of the city underground. While wandering, I found a mouldering set of keys partially hidden by muck in a gutter. Excited, I tried them in all of the nearest doors I could find until I came across a hatch in the ceiling that they fit into. It happened to be the long forgotten back door of some human’s huge larder – a terrific find for any ratling colony. I found my way back to the others and dragged them back to show them what I had found. We loaded our bags and our pockets with all the good things we could find – even some ingredients we had never tasted before – and brought back as much as we could carry. Before we left, I carefully locked the hatch back up behind us for future raiding. Since then, like magic, the larder is always full when we open my secret hatch, and my brother and sister are always able to grab enough to make wonderful food without whoever owns the larder catching on.

The Noisesinger commended me on my terrific find, and placing the keys on a chain around my neck as a symbol of my success, she named me Hatch Thingfinder, Adventure Class. My propensity for getting lost, it seems, was really an inclination for adventure in disguise. Since then, my goal has been to travel the world, finding wonderous things to bring back to increase the wealth and honor of the Colony.

My Lineage


  • Mother – Soup Foodsniffer, Head Foodsniffer of Fooding Class
  • Father – Béarnaise Foodsniffer



  • Crumb Foodsniffer
  • Stewie Foodsniffer
  • Bark Beanseeker
  • Spoon Foodsniffer
  • Ivy Beanseeker
  • Beetle Beanseeker
  • Cork Foodsniffer
  • Pan Foodsniffer


  • Splash Beanseeker
  • Potsy Beanseeker
  • Twig Stuffchewer
  • Lick Furtugger

Notable Ancestors

  • Maternal Grandfather – Arsenic Sneakmaker, Head Assassin of Secret Class, now retired
  • Great, Great, Great Grandmother – Treats Beanseeker, most legendary and notable of Beanseekers, once found and hoarded an entire bakery. Posthumously honored “Thingfinder.”


More on Ratling Social Structure and Naming

My Quest
Search for things of wonder that tell the secret history of the world and its people and bring them back to the colony.

Hatch’s Adventure Journal

Current Non-Gold Possessions

  • 17 Biscuits
  • 3 scones
  • 1 Burnt Waffle
  • 2 Acorns
  • Wooden Bolts and screws
  • Ash and gold bits (1/4 full bag of ash)
  • Bolt of silk fabric
  • Sea Shells
  • 1 token
  • Woven Leather Bracelet
  • White Mousedragon shield cloak
  • Oath Blade Sword
  • Deathless Shield Cloak (Janus has borrowed)
  • Dark Half Cloak
  • Fanciful silver tea kettle shaped like a dragon
  • 4 tea cups
  • Metal Ring
  • 30 pretty rocks
  • toe nail of a giant coyote

Lady Hatch Thingfinder of Underpahn, Adventure Class, Knight of Horngast

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