Rosemary Plink

Halfling Cavalier


A young female halfling sitting astride a jowly beast of a dog. Her battle vestment drapes down to her knees, though it’s merely a normal-sized chain shirt pull tight at the middle with a plain, leather belt. A woolen cloak of hunter green, clasped at the shoulder with a paw-shaped brooch of sterling silver. Chestnut brown hair frames a heart-shaped face set with large, green eyes. Patently adorable, except for that practiced scowl.


Tilda Plink wanted just two things for her only daughter, Rosemary: For her to marry well, and for her to settle into life as a respectable homemaker in keeping with the best traditions of their small halfling community. Rosemary’s father, however, saw the fire in his daughter’s eyes, and knew his wife was destined for disappointment. When Rosemary came of age, old Brunton Plink called in the few meager favors he had accrued over the years and got his favorite child the only gift that seemed to suit her: A chance to join the Order of the Paw. Rosemary’s nimble sword-arm and natural way with the dogs impressed her superiors at the training camp, just as she drew their ire with her insistence that the Order should expand its mission beyond the borders of halfling communities. She earned her brooch and was soon sent “on loan” to perform a service for a wealthy benefactor to the Order’s coffers.

Rosemary Plink

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