Sword of Ruin

Catching the Scent

The Hounds arrive in Callimaco and begin their search for the illusive thief.

Scene One : On the Road
The travelers arrive on the outskirts of Callimaco at dusk, where they are briefly accosted by an enterprising gremlin who charges a toll for passage. To everyone’s surprise, Janus pays the creature’s fee [concealing the two party members inside the wagon] and the gremlin departs with it’s ill-gotten gil.

Arriving in Callimaco, they are briefly interrogated by a guard, Sally Crumble. She gives them directions to the Boarding House and the Pancake, the only two establishments open at night – and instructs Doctor Pendle-Bay that he will need Ephraim Mining certification to trade in the town.

The boarding house is un-exciting but clean, and the frazzled host Talley Gorightly makes them feel welcome. A pleasant trip to the boisterous tavern, the Pancake results in two new contacts, the proprieter Brian Cactus and a local miner, Vick Libra. The hounds learn that a very ‘friendly human’ matching Zed’s description was in town several days past, and showed a great deal of interest in the miner’s emotional health — as well as their knowledge of the Adamant Mine and a specific, near-abandoned tunnel known as the Blue Mile.

Scene Two: First Morning in Calico
The next morning, the other guests of the Boarding House are briefly seen. A half-orc scholar and a very reserved human wizard, Felice Randall. Janus approached her briefly, but was quickly rebuffed.

Later that morning, a visit was paid to the Temple of Jocasta. Three acolytes were being thoroughly whipped for slipping out the previous evening without permission by the stern and cruel, Davan Marlowe. Varvara requested admittance to the temple of her goddess and was forced to display her divine connection before the cleric begrudgingly allowed her entrance.

A short visit to the EM Facility allowed the party to trade in some of their gil for the local currency, Ephraim Mining Tokens — as well as speak with the foreman, Pegwin Bottle about Doc’s market plans.

The rest of the afternoon was split between a quick visit to the Market — and a proposition from Wizard Randall. She has discovered a sealed vault or crypt, belonging to the Maygrim family — that requires the touch of a ‘true servant of Jocasta’ to open. She implores the aid of Varvara and plans are made for the party to accompany her after dark to explore the vault.



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