Sun-beaten city in the sands.

Population: 90% Dwarven

Government: Oligarchy – Trade Consortium conducts all mundane affairs.

Religion: Temple of Seto dominant influence.

Locations of Note:
Canary Promise – a decent inn located in the Market District.
Green Dog – a once prominent nightclub and performance hall, now falled into utter disrepair. A locus for lowlifes and the dregs of society.
Suul’Radur – ‘The Sundial’ – Temple of Seto, overseen by Solar Harper.
Order of the Paw Offices
Braoun’far – ‘Dirty Human Town’ – residence of most humans in Idolobha, primarily servants to Dwarven nobility
The Fourfold Palace – nearly impregnable keep of the Dwarven royal family.


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