Tower of Hornghast

The Tower of Hornghast lies a few days journey to the southwest, on a small peninsula jutting out into the Radiant Sea. It’s population is known for a certain insularity and odd demeanor. Many tales surround this vast tower, stories and songs of ghosts, strange occurrences, and mysterious disappearances.

City-State, ruled by king – (Per Hatch: a sad man named Sandhart, whose young wife died in childbirth. The child was stillborn and he never remarried.) Marcus Sandhart
An ill-reputed wizard school focusing on illusion. The Empty Academy – Headmaster: Wizard True
A fishing community, little contact with outside world.

Captain of Tower Guard : Falter

Sunstone Inn: Bolander Broken

Other Denizens: Mune
- Riddle of the Sylph

Tower of Hornghast

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