Lost Colony of Undercalimaco

Eulogy for the Lost Colony of Undercalimaco

The roots dig deep into the earth
The branches scratch the sky
And slowly, slowly grow the trees
We build our tunnels by

But in Undercalimaco, the branches cut like knives
And roots clutch fast like hungry snakes, squeezing out our lives

The stones shake underneath the earth
The halls shudder and sigh
How quickly, quickly grow the pines
That squeeze us from our lives

Alas for our lost colony!
Under’maco, our tears for thee
Lost in chaos and upheaval
Of earth thrust into sky

Our tunnels fair are memory
Our great halls stand no more to see
Our Noisesingers are left to wander
And sing sad songs to wander by

Of Undercalimaco, fair
Our home lost under pines.

Lost Colony of Undercalimaco

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