The Ballad of Hatch Thingfinder and the Four

(an incomplete travel journal)

“May I trouble you a while?”
Said the lady to the four
“For a thief came in the night
Knocking down my door.

Gold and gems he took from me
And some trifles too
But the loss I miss most dear
My amulet of blue.

Find this amulet for me.
I’ll make it worth your while.
I’ll shower you with gold and jewels,”
Said the lady with a smile.

The fiery wizard spoke her fair
With his silver tongue.
The ivy fairy narrowed her eyes
Not so easily won.

The elven doctor made off with
A table full of sweets
But Hatch Thingfinder of Underpahn
Vowed to catch the thief.

Away and away, they traveled a day
Beneath the forest moon
Until they came to Calico
Pierced through with pines and doom

And Calico was a sad place
Full of downtrod men
Who slave away for tolkens
To drink away again

And Calico is a strange place
Where mines grow in the sky
And its shadows fall far beneath it
On the people passing by

And Calico is a wondrous place
Where bats soar through the air
And the gentle Wrangler
Lets you ride them if you dare.

Away to Calimaco
Rode the adventurers four
But not even brave Hatch Thingfinder
Could guess what was in store.

The Ballad of Hatch Thingfinder and the Four

Sword of Ruin HatchThingfinder